Why gold could be a perfect Christmas gift this year…

As Christmas nears, we all seem to be thinking a lot harder this year about ‘what to buy’ loved ones. We want gifts to be useful and avoiding unnecessary novelty gifts is a good place to start. But as times are hard, what could be a gift that has real value?

The answer… Gold.

The Benefits of Buying Gold Right Now

Gold may seem like an extraordinary Christmas gift, but as the global economy looks uncertain – the price of gold continues to rise. This means that your gift, could be worth more to the receiver down the line. Knowing your money has been well-spent is always a good feeling. So let’s explore some gold buying options!

Gold Coins: for a smaller gram weight

With gold currently trading at £1483.23 (at the time of writing - 21/10/2020), the price of gold is continuing to rise. This is good news if you’re looking to buy or sell, as the likelihood of your return being larger than your investment is quite high.

Gold coins are available to buy at Sonny’s. Our stock of investment coins are all bullion-grade and include a complete range of the worlds most popular coins. 

Gold coins are VAT-free in the UK and British coins are also exempt from capital gains tax, making them a really popular choice! It’s also worth noting that our coins are all manufactured by internationally trusted mints.

Gold Bars: a larger investment

Bars are a great direction to go down if you’re looking to gift something of a much larger value. Gold bars are also VAT-free here in the UK, a great reason to invest your money in gold this Christmas. All of our bars are brand new, pure 24-carat gold (999.9) and come with a genuine certificate of authenticity – ensuring your purchase is well protected for years to come. 

If You’re Considering Making a Gold Purchase…

We suggest that you keep an eye on the live gold spot price, to ensure you buy when the time is right. Gold prices change each day, but historical figures generally show an increase over the festive period and demand rises. So buy early!

Please give us a call or visit us in-store before making that all important purchase this year. We’ll best advise you on what will suit your needs and budget.