I Want to Sell my Gold Jewellery: How Does It Work?

I Want to Sell my Gold Jewellery: How Does It Work?

We’ve all got unused jewellery hidden away, but did you know… now could be a great time to sell! At Sonny’s Bullion, we’ll give you a fair price for your scrap gold, using live spot prices that are updated daily. Gold prices are at their highest since 2011 – this is huge increase and would make it well worth your time to cash-in.

At Sonny’s Bullion we buy your gold as scrap metal, so that we can melt it down and create new pieces of jewellery! After testing the metal for its purity, we’ll offer you a price that fits with the live gold price that day.

Selling Your Jewellery to Sonny’s Bullion

There are two ways of getting your jewellery to us for a quote. You could either post it in a free, fully insured padded envelope for an accurate valuation. Or, visit us in-store at Sonny’s Jewellers, 105 Vyse Street, Birmingham, B18 6LP.

Here’s a little more information on each…

Post Your Gold

First, please obtain an estimated price for your scrap gold using our online calculator. If you don’t know the weight or carat of your jewellery, don’t worry too much, we can check this upon receiving your items.

Then you’ll need to post your jewellery over to us. Simply fill out our claim form and we’ll send you a free padded postal envelope. All you’ll need to do is pop your gold in the pack and drop it off at the post office. Your jewellery will be sent via Royal Mail Special Delivery and the parcel’s contents will be insured up to £2500. If you are sending us something that you believe to be of higher value, please get in touch so we can adjust the insurance value accordingly.*

Upon receiving your jewellery, we’ll give you a call to say it’s in safe hands and begin to test it so we can give you an accurate price. Once we’ve given you your price, if you  choose to go ahead, we’ll bank transfer you the money on the same day. Alternatively, you can opt to just have the jewellery sent back to you – only paying for return postage (fully insured).

*It is the customers responsibility to ensure the package is delivered securely. Keep your tracking information safe to ensure we receive your goods.

Visit Us in Store for a Same Day Valuation

If you’d prefer to see someone face to face, please visit our Jewellery Store in Birmingham. You’ll find all you need to know here. 

Upon arrival, we’ll test your jewellery for its metal content and get an accurate gram weight. From here we'll give you an offer that lines with the live spot price on that day. Gold prices are constantly changing and have recently been on the rise, making it a perfect time to sell.

We may occasionally have to cut the metal and remove stones to test purity. This will only be done with your permission and is to check the metal matches our required specifications and is pure throughout.


*Disclaimer: your jewellery may be returned damaged if you decide to not go ahead with the sale after this point.

What We Buy

We offer competitive prices for all your unwanted jewellery. We buy hallmarked and un-hallmarked precious metal jewellery. Including: rings necklaces, bracelets, chains, and pendants, alongside gold medals and nuggets.

We do not buy gold plated jewellery.

We take hallmarked gold, silver and palladium.

What We Pay

Due to the current financial markets, scrap gold prices have risen in the last few months. This is great news for you if you’re looking to sell, as we’re able to offer competitive prices for your scrap gold! Simply fill in our form and we will send out your fully insured gold selling pack free of charge.

The carat rating of gold refers to how fine the jewellery is. For example, 9 carat is the least pure, containing 37.5% of fine gold, whilst 24 carat is as close to 100% as possible.

Therefore, you will earn more from a higher carat piece of gold jewellery. Value of each carat is worked out as a percentage of the spot price, based on the weight of your gold.


Please see the top of our website for today’s live metal prices.

If you have any questions please get in touch here.
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